Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Why Weight?

So often people with some weight they want to shed simply wait this time of year. They wait to gain more weight and wait to shed it after the Holidays because there is some insidious idea that waiting is the way to go, only usually that ends in weighing more and waiting more.

The collective problem seems to ensure a gradual but never ending desire for a change that never happens. If you want to finally let go of those pounds. Do it right now, while you enjoy the Holidays and after. You know you get to create some new habits so those pounds don't multiply again. You know that a few changes are in order for the transformation of you to occur. One of the best gifts you can give yourself and everyone you love is to start the journey to who you really want to be RIGHT NOW. Not later. Not when it's safe, okay and everything else has worked itself out. Everything will never be alllllllllllll worked out. If you eat for your emotions, there will always be emotions to feel. If you eat because there is food in front of you then the Holidays are a good time to start learning new habits and enjoy the people and places more than the foods. Let yourself create a new relationship with food instead of a love/hate feeling bad about how tight those Holiday clothes feel or what shirt/skirt/top/dress or jacket will cover up and hide the body part you are most embarrassed to show.

The fantastic thing about eating quality whole foods is that you really can eat more and still lose weight. It works even better and faster if you allow your thinking to shift right along with your tastebuds. The dynamic duel I have cultivated for my own coaching practice packs a powerful push towards having the life you thought you could only dream about. So what's your dream? You can have that for yourself right now. Just begin. What would it be like to spend Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanza... feeling lighter, happier, more slender with more energy and better health than you had at Thanksgiving? Take a step and see.
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