Friday, November 14, 2008

Organic is Not Enough

Organic is wonderful. I'll just start by saying that. I'm all for it and love that more restaurants are opening up featuring all organic food. The food tastes better and has more nutrients when it is organic, but that doesn't mean anything and everything organic is healthy! Organic coffee is still coffee to over stimulate you and wear out your adrenals making you even more tired and toxic than ever. Organic dairy is still dairy to clog your intestinal tract making it more and more difficult for you to ever absorb any nutrients. You'll get way more calcium eating dark greens. Have broccoli with dinner instead or a marinated salad with kale. And with all the various names of organic can sugar, they try to tell you see it is a healthy candy, cookie, bar or cake when that sugar is still from the cane, concentrated and packs a whopping punch to your system. Impairing your immune function for up to 6 hours, draining your energy and messing with your blood sugar that can lead to future breakdown like diabetes or heart disease....

What I would so love to see are more restaurants brave enough to serve not just organic but truly healthier fare. M cafe had people lined up out the door when they opened because the food was not just good but people felt better and found they could eat more, stay feeling good and even stay slender eating sweets and treats. M is macrobiotic in the best sense. It's not the clunky, granola type of brown rice serving establishments. It's modern and lovely food. I do wish they had another restaurant with a nicer setting and table service with the same standards to the food.

It's the standards that you choose that will create your well being and aliveness. Organic is a great distinction because it is choosing to say stop putting chemicals in my food with every dollar you spend on organic instead of pesticide/hormone laden crops or chops. Taking that one step further and understanding that each item you take in will have an effect and do you want that effect or not. All food used to be organic. Go even further back and it was fairly unprocessed. It's time to blend modern living with eating that supports us instead of destroys our well being. Organic is not enough, it's just the beginning.

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