Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Remembering the Mint

I realize it was just Monday I was eating that cod, and here it is only Wednesday and I just enjoyed another incredible fast and simple sea food supper. Ahh well it was wonderful. I had scallops from a little Japanese grocery store that were sashimi grade but I did pan fry them. They were just about the sweetest more delectable scallops I've ever had and they were less money than the sea food store. I had bought some Japanese eggplant at the farmers market this morning so I wanted to do something with them. I decided to make a Japanese meal of it and simmer the sliced eggplants in a sweet soy sauce mixture. I tasted one when the liquid had simmered away and I was not so happy with my improvised creation. Then I remembered I had bought some fresh mint. I tore off some leaves and sprinkled them into the eggplant mixture. It was just what was needed. All of a sudden the dish had more sweetness and depth and tasted terrific. It was lovely sitting next the bright white scallops that had a hint of lemon on them and I had a side of collards I enjoyed as well. Now I'm going to see how mint leaves pair up with bilberries as an after dinner tea.....
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