Sunday, October 26, 2008

I was recently in a Bed Bath and Beyond. For being such a giant store I expected it to have a few more choices of brooms. There was only one choice. A lot of brooms. There were brooms from floor to ceiling hanging in groups up a very tall wall. Just one kind of broom, all the same. Then I saw little slippers or flip flops with sort of a sweeper bottom. What fun to slip slide around my floor to clean them. I didn't buy the sweeper bottomed slippers though. I realized, getting in the corners or under the bed would be difficult. I needed the kind of help I trusted. An old fashioned, angular broom that would help me get all the difficult spots.

That is what I like about food and life coaching tools. Getting into those tight spots where it is difficult to go into alone. It can be hard to really see ourselves or use the exact right tool on our own. I find that when I seek help, I often know what the answer is but it takes asking someone outside of myself to either see it or finally hear it.

I love what happens in coaching. There is the client asking for something and there is all of the information and tools I have collected and a third party that we can call Spirit that seems to come through us as well as we collaborate on this persons behalf. Something shifts. Ideas form. Energy emerges. Pretty much all of my clients say they feel better at the end of the session than they did at the beginning and some are 6,000 miles away in some other country talking to me on the phone. In fact, I find working on the phone to often be more powerful since there are less distractions and we can really sink into those corners and dark spots.

I've see clients who allowed for a layer to be lifted off to have absolute miracles occur. One woman was happy to understand more about food and in her first session we cleared a long time knee problem. Then she started to lose the unwanted pounds she had been carrying for years. The miracles started to really happen though when she asked me to help her clear her fears around not having enough money. The first session we did this, she got an unexpected check for $600 from someone she had not heard from in 10 years. The next time we worked with the same obstacle she had $300,000 show up that she would not have gotten but just after the session a lawyer who was taking care of her Aunts estate found some legality that make the difference of her getting the money or it being gone forever and only if they acted within a 2 day time frame. It would have easily been missed according to him, it was just "a fluke" that he caught it. And subsequent sessions that I worked with this woman have brought her even bigger sums than that from unexpected and unconventional sources. It's been amazing to witness what happens when we are willing to not skip those corners and really clean out the limitations.

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