Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Design Your Life

I was just on facebook and saw that one of my friends just quit coffee. While I commend her efforts and perhaps she really has quit - this time. You see, over the many years that I have known her, the quitting doesn't last. I'm not sure it really should last. She loves her coffee. Perhaps the addiction to the coffee is what she might quit. Be in control of the intake. Having coffee now and again as a treat instead of an everyday habit. Limiting it and being the one in charge instead of the coffee overtaking her. Luring her into an everyday affair or even many times a day sipping it down adding to inflamation that is the beginning of all disease...

But how many of us justify our actions until they become too painful and we decide to make a switch because we know that that pain is now too great for what we have justified, instead of creating a life that we can live with and enjoy daily??? I know the consequences of what I eat. Sometimes I eat things that make me feel bad inadvertently, but predominately I know what I'm doing. Coffee doesn't work for me at all. First I made it a once a week treat. Then I missed a couple of weeks. Then my cleaned out body could no longer tolerate the caffeine or even the decaf. I felt sick and toxic no matter what kind I tried. So that was that. No more coffee for me. Brownies unfortunately too have left my repertoire of options. Many things I've switched out ingredients or just have them far less often than I did before. My nightly dessert habit turned into about once a week and with only sweeteners that I can feel good from like fruits, agave, rice syrup, etc....Eating refined grain products like bread went from 3 times a day to less than once a day. Needing popcorn or candy with a movie diminished to almost never.

This applies to much more than food though. Do you justify, video games or too much of anything like email, watching TV, spa treatments, shopping? If you have ever watched a soap opera, they can pretty much justify anything on those shows. Characters come back from the dead only to die again or be reborn. People lose their spouses, get them back, have all sorts of things happen, like ship wrecks, and everything gets explained in some way to keep the drama going year after year. What kind of life are you writing for yourself?

Are you being pushed and pulled by what you think you should do or what you think you want to do but maybe neither are really making you happy. I invite you to design your life. Literally write it out, how you would like it to be. Use every area of life. Design your friends. Design your diet. Design your body. Design your relationships. Design your work. Design your vacations, your hobbies, your pets, your passions. Write it all out and realistically write a plan of action to have it. Then begin making adjustments with what you have now to be more of what you feel would make your life even happier - right away and in the future.

By realistic you might cut the coffee cold turkey but if you have done that and failed umpteen times before, you could also say, I'm limiting coffee to once a week and stick to it.

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