Monday, October 27, 2008

Easy Savings - Gourmet food at home

My dinner tonight consisted of poached black cod with carrot/apple slaw on top, collard greens in a maple mustard dressing and sweet potato fries. It took exactly 1/2hr to cook from start to finish. I had shared the carrot apple slaw in my last free newsletter, only this time I added a touch of turmeric to the mixture that added something nice especially with the white fish.

In a restaurant this meal could easily have cost over $20 not including drinks and dessert. Currently I'm sipping some rooibos and bilberry tea. and had a little jar of homemade yogurt with strawberry jam mixed in. I probably spent about 1/3 the cost of eating something similar out and was satisfied and can feel great about every ingredient. No hidden costs of then needing something to combat "natural flavorings" that get added in seasonings or most packaged foods. It's a horrible way to sneak some MSG into unsuspecting mouths and causes me to react very poorly even when the amount is small. No ant-acids needed or anti anything because the meal was satisfying, balanced and nourishing. Even all organic.

In fact the amount I have saved from using food for health instead of doctors, prescriptions or over the counter pills is many thousands easily. The cost of learning all I've learned over the years included. Knowing how to quickly and easily create satisfying, delectable, meal after meal that keeps me youthful, slender and well has been invaluable.

Now if you were dining with me, I probably would have also make a quick cornbread or amaranth bread and maybe a different dessert to suit your tastes. Company always inspires me to do a little extra. It's worth it to see the smiles and hear the umms and ahhhhs of satisfaction.

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