Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ageless Living

I had heard about aging. I just didn't really consider it happening to me. At least not this soon. Am I really 43? I forget here in the land of youth culture that seems to be the Los Angeles I see. We dress young and if nature is knocking things down, we find various means to keep them up just as long as we can.

For now, I'm grateful that what I learned to save my life, as also saved me from aging. At least not as rapidly as I might have. While I don't necessarily believe those stories about the colonel in Peter Kelder's books as being true, there sure is something to healthy living that puts more spring in ones step and keeps the wrinkles at bay!

Not all whole foods are created equal. If you have been following my teaching at all, you know that I don't mean the chain of grocery stores. Not everything in them is all that healthy. Well, not every vegetable, fruit or whole grain will serve you the same either.

Tomatoes are being touted heavily for their heart enhancing licopene but too much of these high acid spheres and you'll be looking for some botox. While beans and leafy greens just might smooth out the lines that are already forming.

Apples are not just re-hydrating, (lack of hydration can certainly prune you up!) they help to take heavy metals out of the body. When the body is less polluted of course if looks more youthful. Think of how beautiful a brand new babies skin is before toxins start to accumulate.

Whole grains are also great at sweeping out toxins. Hato Mugi barley is a Japanese wonder. Even just adding a small amount in with other grains and your skin will soon be more clear and glowy.

Good quality oils like using some flax oil in your dressings and rice bran oil on the stove will also keep you looking fresh while keeping slender.

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