Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Time Wise

I am sometimes astonished at how quickly time can seem to be zooming along in my life. I can hardly believe that it has been a whole week since I flew back from New Hampshire as it feels like I am just getting myself back into the grove of everyday life. Laundry, watering plants, sweeping floors, answering email, catching up with friends, not to mention work. Yes, so many things that I would like to be doing with my work and how to fit it all in when the time somehow evaporates before I've checked off much on the list of items I've set out for myself.

How do you handle time? How do you fit in more without feeling exhausted or pressed? I find that it is a bit different for each person but several things work pretty well for most.

The first being intention. I can get a lot more into my day with a clear intention to do so. Along with intention comes the pre-paving. For me, I visualize what it is that I would like to happen in the day. I visualize fitting it all in and I see myself going to where I need to go and doing what I need to do. I fit in the moments of meditation or fun as well as the errands and exercise. I see myself going smoothly from one thing to the next. Sometimes in this mental movie I'm creating, I might rewind and re-structure how it all fits in. I have things that sometimes rearrange themselves like a meeting that cancels at the last minute or phone call that I would like to take, etc. Then I just adjust. Being flexible is always a good to tool to employ. The imagery only takes a couple of minutes and can often save me a lot of wasted time later as I see things fitting together and plan blocks of time for what is most important for me.

Ahhh, there sure is a great key to using time well. Knowing what is most important. I learned a great prioritizing method once where you list everything that needs doing and then break the list in half and putting each item in one of two sides the more important and the less important. Then each of those halves gets broken in half until you clearly see the order of what needs to get done. Things will shift, since if you keep making laundry unimportant for example, when you run out of things to wear it will suddenly become much more important.

Planning food is important for me but only takes a few minutes so it's easily checked off. That part of my life is so simple for me now that I don't even remember to put food on my list until I need to purchase groceries. For other people it needs to go on the list because otherwise they find themselves famished and without food so they allow their standards to lower and grab what they can quickly. Those kinds of foods choices often do not support us and then create fatigue or cloudy thinking that then wastes more time!!! Being clear, focused, healthy and full of energy gives you what you need to actually have more time in the day!

Need a little coaching to maximize what you are eating and your time?

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