Saturday, September 20, 2008

Scones are Easy

It's Saturday morning and I got up and baked scones. Scones are easy. My neighbor and I had been purchasing water in a pastry shop near the 3rd street promenade one day. We biked down to the promenade to do a little shopping. When she saw the scones behind the clear glass displaying the baked goods for sale in the shop, she exclaimed how much she loved scones. "Scones are easy." I told her. "Let's make some." So a few weeks later and here I am making some simple scones for us to share. She'll be over when she wakes up and after she makes her coffee. I don't drink coffee. I do have grain coffee but she likes hers strong and black and full throttle with caffeine. Every time I try to drink coffee I feel like someone is poisoning me. I drink tea.

The scones are in the oven baking and I realize that to my neighbor, these might not be what she is expecting. I used the rest of the yummy fresh ground spelt flour that I get from Surfas. It has a light earthy flavor in baked goods and is much easier to digest than wheat. My recipe also calls for a little bit of oats. So instead of the stark white flecked with currants that she might be used to, these scones are more brown. They also are not flecked but bursting with dried strawberries and dried cherries. But that part she is expecting. I asked what sort of organic dried fruits I ought to get for our scones. I did half with the cherries and half with the strawberries. Compared to currents the fruit looks enormous. I have not made scones in a long time. They really have very few ingredients and are especially quick. They are already done now. I pulled them out of the oven to cool.

Perhaps she will smell them since my windows are all open on this sunny fall morning in L.A. I took the rest of the apple juice left over from what I needed for my scones to make a little kanten. Kanten being a Japanese fruit jel usually for dessert, I thought would be nice with the scones and some yogurt. The agar in the Kanten will also assist all of that dry hard baked flour from the scones to move through my digestion tract.

Sometimes I wish I knew less about food and could just sit down and enjoy the scones without knowing all of the possible consequences from each ingredient I consume. I miss the ignorance of just worrying about weight or being full and not all of the ills I work so hard to keep at bay. Now though that the meal is set to be served I can relax and go on to other things. Enjoy my friend when she arrives and the pleasures far outweigh anything else. Besides - scones are easy.

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