Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In Search of You!

I was searching the Internet for an old friend today. I use the term friend probably too loosely here. He was always more of an acquaintance then an actual friend. In fact I wonder what he might think of me since he knew me in my tragic dancer phase many years ago. I was a little younger than his crowd that I joined for some weekly dinners and events. We had a mutual friend from Paris that I had kept in contact with and he practically grew up with. My search ended when I found a profile on facebook and I was surprised with a new person in common. I didn't know this knew person yet somehow we were facebook friends and I had someone else in common with this new person too. I was curious and started up an email conversation that continued throughout the day. It was fun. I also loved who I was being all day inside of the conversation. Sort of charming, witty and then regular 'ol me.

Thinking about it I looked back on my many transformations, smiling in how happy I am now with who I am. Especially happy since I am not all those other incarnations of myself that I have known in this lifetime. The overweight me who struggled. The tormented teen me that lasted oh far far beyond being a teen. The ugly scratched up me. Many versions of my parents stuff.... ahhhhh, I love the tools that I teach because right now, today, I'm different. Even when circumstances look similar to some of my past, I'm reacting differently because I'm different. I'm someone who I like being and I am consequently meeting friends old and new who I like being with.

As I pondered all of this today I wonder what version of yourself are you being today? Do you like being this you? What would you change? What would you keep? If there are things that you would like to change, what are you willing to do to have them be the way you would like them to be?

Thankfully people often have loose memories and as long as you didn't do anything too offensive, they often only remember small amounts of who you used to be. When enough time has passed, like a year or more, then you can show up and be somewhat new and you will illicit a new response from them. This works especially well with business contacts and probably old loves as well.

It also really pertains to every area of life since if you would like to lose weight for example. You can begin right now to be being someone thinner. Eat like someone thinner. Exercise like someone thinner. Maybe hang out with thinner folk and do what they do. Or get a coaching session and map out a plan for yourself.

I invite you to play with this little tool and let me know how it goes. Use the contact Susan button over at

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