Saturday, September 13, 2008

I got back to L.A. Wednesday night and an old friend picked me up from the airport. He had been flown out to speak at a conference and the timing worked out perfectly as he wanted to stay in town for a couple of days more. I love getting to see that sort of synchonicity as I did when he had the desire to stay. Because he lives in Florida, changing his ticket was no charge, because of the hurricanes currently sweeping by that state. My couch was offered up since his hotel had been paid until the morning that I arrived. It all had a nice flow to it that we did not pre-plan or think through.

A couple of days later as I was serving us a meal with the few groceries I had, I was a little concerned that it could have been so much better with a few more ingredients. A cold tempeh salad that lacked celery but I did add herbs, shredded carrot, a little raw onion, mustard and mayo. Parsley would have given an extra spark as well as potent mineral but it looked nice on some water fried baby bok choy. We both were delighted that it was paired with the most simple, yet divine tasting onion soup. I was quite pleased at how just sauted onions with sage, rosemarry and barley miso could meld into a sweet and savory soup that was just right. Croutons might have been the only additional element to go from nice to superb.

I employed what we had as I was using my time to get back into the swing of my life, taking care of other things than just being concerned about food. My friend told me as he enjoyed this lunch that "What you lack in forethought you make up for with skill." He is right. I do not often plan far in advance but I am terrific at taking just a few ingredients and coming up with a delicious meal. It's part talent and part that I have played with food now for years and know it can come together in endless variety. Like a musician with notes or a painter having only a few tubes of paint to create a picture. The art of cooking comes not so much from learning from books but just the consistant doing of any skill. Anyone can do it and while good tools do help, even they are not absolutely necessary.

What is needed though is a certain element of faith that it will all work out. I get ideas for the creations and then just start putting it together but one never knows exactly how it will come together really. Often there is that same sort of harmony of synchronisitic events that works when we jump into anything and see how it falls. Things do come together more often than not.

Risk playing to see where your life can go instead of staying safe yet discontent. I'm glad for the unexpected couple of days with a friend and I'm excited to see what will unfold today.

What ever you want to do, take a step for that to happen right now!
If you need some help, want to let go of what is in the way, I suggest getting some coaching.

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