Friday, September 26, 2008

How Do You Eat Just One?

I am making breakfast for myself as I type this. Quinoa with apples and cinnamon. I had a pretty big apple. A Honey Crisp that is exactly that. Sweet and crisp. I cut up about one quarter of the apple to put into my small amount of cereal. I ate one slice raw before putting the rest back into the fridge for later. It reminded me of a client that just could not understand how I could do that without just eating the entire apple. I've had other teachers of food who on those email posts to groups have said they can't resist the candy or the cookie or what ever it is sitting out being offered and when I said that I always have a cute bowl of candy sitting in my living room that guest enjoy a mint or taffy or what ever I have in the bowl, but that it never seems to call me to eat any of it....they too thought that was impossible.

How do you eat just one or none of a treat? First get yourself into balance. Those teachers with "no resistance" are just not using food to create balance as they could. Willpower is not required when your pancreas is happy and your body or mind isn't looking for something to medicate with. I've had circumstances in my life that probably taught me how to do this more than anything else. I had to clear a Candida overgrowth for example and I abstained from all sweets even fruits for an entire year. It was not the easiest thing for me as I love love love sweets. But after going through that, sweets no longer hold the pull they once had. Even before that year though I had learned how to create better balance with both my food and my mind and the longer I practice, the easier an easier everything in my life becomes.

The mind is particularly important to our health, well being, weight and everything else. If you feel deprived or enjoy being "sneaky" then you might be compelled to take the candy, eat the whole apple, etc. and then what might you tell yourself after to justify your action and even do it again? If you practice being who you desire to be then the eating falls in line as well. What once might have been full of effort for you to resist becomes part of the scene as a whole and is not longer calling to you. Or you might have a desire for that food and eat a bite for the flavor, the fun, etc. and then really not want any more. That was how I viewed the slice of apple before my cooked breakfast was ready this morning. Ahhh. and now the quinoa is ready and I get to enjoy my high protien, sweet and creamy cereal with some tea and that is what I really wanted. The satisfaction will carry me through to lunch...

So take a look at how you might create more balance for yourself and where you are pulled and pushed and have "no willpower" you might find that you too can ease yourself into being someone who never asks again, "How do you eat just one.".....

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