Friday, September 26, 2008

How Do You Eat Just One?

I am making breakfast for myself as I type this. Quinoa with apples and cinnamon. I had a pretty big apple. A Honey Crisp that is exactly that. Sweet and crisp. I cut up about one quarter of the apple to put into my small amount of cereal. I ate one slice raw before putting the rest back into the fridge for later. It reminded me of a client that just could not understand how I could do that without just eating the entire apple. I've had other teachers of food who on those email posts to groups have said they can't resist the candy or the cookie or what ever it is sitting out being offered and when I said that I always have a cute bowl of candy sitting in my living room that guest enjoy a mint or taffy or what ever I have in the bowl, but that it never seems to call me to eat any of it....they too thought that was impossible.

How do you eat just one or none of a treat? First get yourself into balance. Those teachers with "no resistance" are just not using food to create balance as they could. Willpower is not required when your pancreas is happy and your body or mind isn't looking for something to medicate with. I've had circumstances in my life that probably taught me how to do this more than anything else. I had to clear a Candida overgrowth for example and I abstained from all sweets even fruits for an entire year. It was not the easiest thing for me as I love love love sweets. But after going through that, sweets no longer hold the pull they once had. Even before that year though I had learned how to create better balance with both my food and my mind and the longer I practice, the easier an easier everything in my life becomes.

The mind is particularly important to our health, well being, weight and everything else. If you feel deprived or enjoy being "sneaky" then you might be compelled to take the candy, eat the whole apple, etc. and then what might you tell yourself after to justify your action and even do it again? If you practice being who you desire to be then the eating falls in line as well. What once might have been full of effort for you to resist becomes part of the scene as a whole and is not longer calling to you. Or you might have a desire for that food and eat a bite for the flavor, the fun, etc. and then really not want any more. That was how I viewed the slice of apple before my cooked breakfast was ready this morning. Ahhh. and now the quinoa is ready and I get to enjoy my high protien, sweet and creamy cereal with some tea and that is what I really wanted. The satisfaction will carry me through to lunch...

So take a look at how you might create more balance for yourself and where you are pulled and pushed and have "no willpower" you might find that you too can ease yourself into being someone who never asks again, "How do you eat just one.".....

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In Search of You!

I was searching the Internet for an old friend today. I use the term friend probably too loosely here. He was always more of an acquaintance then an actual friend. In fact I wonder what he might think of me since he knew me in my tragic dancer phase many years ago. I was a little younger than his crowd that I joined for some weekly dinners and events. We had a mutual friend from Paris that I had kept in contact with and he practically grew up with. My search ended when I found a profile on facebook and I was surprised with a new person in common. I didn't know this knew person yet somehow we were facebook friends and I had someone else in common with this new person too. I was curious and started up an email conversation that continued throughout the day. It was fun. I also loved who I was being all day inside of the conversation. Sort of charming, witty and then regular 'ol me.

Thinking about it I looked back on my many transformations, smiling in how happy I am now with who I am. Especially happy since I am not all those other incarnations of myself that I have known in this lifetime. The overweight me who struggled. The tormented teen me that lasted oh far far beyond being a teen. The ugly scratched up me. Many versions of my parents stuff.... ahhhhh, I love the tools that I teach because right now, today, I'm different. Even when circumstances look similar to some of my past, I'm reacting differently because I'm different. I'm someone who I like being and I am consequently meeting friends old and new who I like being with.

As I pondered all of this today I wonder what version of yourself are you being today? Do you like being this you? What would you change? What would you keep? If there are things that you would like to change, what are you willing to do to have them be the way you would like them to be?

Thankfully people often have loose memories and as long as you didn't do anything too offensive, they often only remember small amounts of who you used to be. When enough time has passed, like a year or more, then you can show up and be somewhat new and you will illicit a new response from them. This works especially well with business contacts and probably old loves as well.

It also really pertains to every area of life since if you would like to lose weight for example. You can begin right now to be being someone thinner. Eat like someone thinner. Exercise like someone thinner. Maybe hang out with thinner folk and do what they do. Or get a coaching session and map out a plan for yourself.

I invite you to play with this little tool and let me know how it goes. Use the contact Susan button over at

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Scones are Easy

It's Saturday morning and I got up and baked scones. Scones are easy. My neighbor and I had been purchasing water in a pastry shop near the 3rd street promenade one day. We biked down to the promenade to do a little shopping. When she saw the scones behind the clear glass displaying the baked goods for sale in the shop, she exclaimed how much she loved scones. "Scones are easy." I told her. "Let's make some." So a few weeks later and here I am making some simple scones for us to share. She'll be over when she wakes up and after she makes her coffee. I don't drink coffee. I do have grain coffee but she likes hers strong and black and full throttle with caffeine. Every time I try to drink coffee I feel like someone is poisoning me. I drink tea.

The scones are in the oven baking and I realize that to my neighbor, these might not be what she is expecting. I used the rest of the yummy fresh ground spelt flour that I get from Surfas. It has a light earthy flavor in baked goods and is much easier to digest than wheat. My recipe also calls for a little bit of oats. So instead of the stark white flecked with currants that she might be used to, these scones are more brown. They also are not flecked but bursting with dried strawberries and dried cherries. But that part she is expecting. I asked what sort of organic dried fruits I ought to get for our scones. I did half with the cherries and half with the strawberries. Compared to currents the fruit looks enormous. I have not made scones in a long time. They really have very few ingredients and are especially quick. They are already done now. I pulled them out of the oven to cool.

Perhaps she will smell them since my windows are all open on this sunny fall morning in L.A. I took the rest of the apple juice left over from what I needed for my scones to make a little kanten. Kanten being a Japanese fruit jel usually for dessert, I thought would be nice with the scones and some yogurt. The agar in the Kanten will also assist all of that dry hard baked flour from the scones to move through my digestion tract.

Sometimes I wish I knew less about food and could just sit down and enjoy the scones without knowing all of the possible consequences from each ingredient I consume. I miss the ignorance of just worrying about weight or being full and not all of the ills I work so hard to keep at bay. Now though that the meal is set to be served I can relax and go on to other things. Enjoy my friend when she arrives and the pleasures far outweigh anything else. Besides - scones are easy.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Time Wise

I am sometimes astonished at how quickly time can seem to be zooming along in my life. I can hardly believe that it has been a whole week since I flew back from New Hampshire as it feels like I am just getting myself back into the grove of everyday life. Laundry, watering plants, sweeping floors, answering email, catching up with friends, not to mention work. Yes, so many things that I would like to be doing with my work and how to fit it all in when the time somehow evaporates before I've checked off much on the list of items I've set out for myself.

How do you handle time? How do you fit in more without feeling exhausted or pressed? I find that it is a bit different for each person but several things work pretty well for most.

The first being intention. I can get a lot more into my day with a clear intention to do so. Along with intention comes the pre-paving. For me, I visualize what it is that I would like to happen in the day. I visualize fitting it all in and I see myself going to where I need to go and doing what I need to do. I fit in the moments of meditation or fun as well as the errands and exercise. I see myself going smoothly from one thing to the next. Sometimes in this mental movie I'm creating, I might rewind and re-structure how it all fits in. I have things that sometimes rearrange themselves like a meeting that cancels at the last minute or phone call that I would like to take, etc. Then I just adjust. Being flexible is always a good to tool to employ. The imagery only takes a couple of minutes and can often save me a lot of wasted time later as I see things fitting together and plan blocks of time for what is most important for me.

Ahhh, there sure is a great key to using time well. Knowing what is most important. I learned a great prioritizing method once where you list everything that needs doing and then break the list in half and putting each item in one of two sides the more important and the less important. Then each of those halves gets broken in half until you clearly see the order of what needs to get done. Things will shift, since if you keep making laundry unimportant for example, when you run out of things to wear it will suddenly become much more important.

Planning food is important for me but only takes a few minutes so it's easily checked off. That part of my life is so simple for me now that I don't even remember to put food on my list until I need to purchase groceries. For other people it needs to go on the list because otherwise they find themselves famished and without food so they allow their standards to lower and grab what they can quickly. Those kinds of foods choices often do not support us and then create fatigue or cloudy thinking that then wastes more time!!! Being clear, focused, healthy and full of energy gives you what you need to actually have more time in the day!

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

I got back to L.A. Wednesday night and an old friend picked me up from the airport. He had been flown out to speak at a conference and the timing worked out perfectly as he wanted to stay in town for a couple of days more. I love getting to see that sort of synchonicity as I did when he had the desire to stay. Because he lives in Florida, changing his ticket was no charge, because of the hurricanes currently sweeping by that state. My couch was offered up since his hotel had been paid until the morning that I arrived. It all had a nice flow to it that we did not pre-plan or think through.

A couple of days later as I was serving us a meal with the few groceries I had, I was a little concerned that it could have been so much better with a few more ingredients. A cold tempeh salad that lacked celery but I did add herbs, shredded carrot, a little raw onion, mustard and mayo. Parsley would have given an extra spark as well as potent mineral but it looked nice on some water fried baby bok choy. We both were delighted that it was paired with the most simple, yet divine tasting onion soup. I was quite pleased at how just sauted onions with sage, rosemarry and barley miso could meld into a sweet and savory soup that was just right. Croutons might have been the only additional element to go from nice to superb.

I employed what we had as I was using my time to get back into the swing of my life, taking care of other things than just being concerned about food. My friend told me as he enjoyed this lunch that "What you lack in forethought you make up for with skill." He is right. I do not often plan far in advance but I am terrific at taking just a few ingredients and coming up with a delicious meal. It's part talent and part that I have played with food now for years and know it can come together in endless variety. Like a musician with notes or a painter having only a few tubes of paint to create a picture. The art of cooking comes not so much from learning from books but just the consistant doing of any skill. Anyone can do it and while good tools do help, even they are not absolutely necessary.

What is needed though is a certain element of faith that it will all work out. I get ideas for the creations and then just start putting it together but one never knows exactly how it will come together really. Often there is that same sort of harmony of synchronisitic events that works when we jump into anything and see how it falls. Things do come together more often than not.

Risk playing to see where your life can go instead of staying safe yet discontent. I'm glad for the unexpected couple of days with a friend and I'm excited to see what will unfold today.

What ever you want to do, take a step for that to happen right now!
If you need some help, want to let go of what is in the way, I suggest getting some coaching.