Friday, August 8, 2008

What's your game?

I woke up this morning contemplating my life and the obstacles to having what I desire. I mean, I'm great at seeing other peoples but it's so easy to gloss over my own and continue on as I do. I have loads of projects I want to be working on and yet, where to focus my attention can sometimes be a dilemma. I get things moving and yet not at the level I would like. So I sat down with myself and thought a few things through. Guess what? I decided it was just another game of procrastination. The Scarlett O'Hara "I'll think about that tomorrow" kind of action that isn't going to shift things at all. Have you ever said I want to lose weight and yet do what you do, day after day, that isn't going to create new habits. You say things like oh, I'll start later. I'll skip X later and just do this now. I'll exercise tomorrow when it isn't raining. Anything to justify staying the same. If you are lucky enough to have something to push you, you can finally create those new habits or push your business, your ideas or what ever you would like see come to fruition past the point of not enough. Coaches are great at cheering things on and eliminating the blocks and I know you can do it for yourself too! Just getting a guide makes it easier. We're trained in the go to the doctor and get a prescription and do what he tells you because he knows more than you do, kind of mentality. We can bust ourselves though if we really want to. We can look at the game we are playing and play another game. I'm excited by my own self coaching because the energy that was stuck feels somewhat released and I have a whole lot of juice for creating more of what I want and not letting my old thinking get in the way. See what new game you can play today. Care to share?

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