Monday, August 4, 2008

Order, Weight and Mind

There is this little thing called the order of the Universe. Books have been written on it and people attempt to explain it with religion or "the Secret", etc. Getting how stuff works is essential for living a free life, and yet there seems to be more to know than we can possibly assimilate. What are the rules to live by to be healthy, slender and happy?

Michael Pollen attempts to give us some tools as he opens his latest book with a simple formula. "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants." Good formula. This doesn't account though for how someone is holding ones energy, thoughts and emotions. Or how an internal disturbance might be effecting it all. Food can correct quite a bit but our minds are much more powerful and yet this seems to be one of the biggest challenges for us all. Okay, mostly all. I'm sure there are some who don't find harnessing thoughts to be a challenge but I have not met one of those people yet personally who could tell me how to get into the flow more efficiently.

For now, it seems to me that what we get to do is practice. Practice doesn't mean perfect it means to keep doing things that give us more. I practice eating a predominately whole foods diet. Sometimes I experiment with what that entails. I practice meditation and sometimes I don't. I find that it's all a great experiment and I do feel better when I'm practicing the meditation than when I don't. I practice being happier.

When I practice, I do not need to think about my weight. It naturally takes care of itself and I stay slender. The more I practice the less I need to try and make things happen that I desire. They just happen. But I have been very practiced in trying to control my world. I want to control the outcomes to be what I want instead of allowing it to occur. Not always though and each day I practice a little more to trust. Do what I know works and see the order of it all.

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