Sunday, August 31, 2008

Making Changes

It's almost September 1st where many people start thinking back to school or back to work or maybe just a new something that you might have been thinking of doing for a while like re-decorating, putting new fabric on the sofa or finally shedding those unwanted pounds you may have been wanting to let go of for a very long time. Think back over the last year or the last ten years. How much has changed in your life? What things do you keep anticipating to change only year after year the familiarity of them still being around, has sort of dropped them into the background of your life, like a noise that you have never liked, but are used to? Do you have anything that you've been meaning to do and haven't?

Often the act of paying me for a session will help someone leap into doing the things they might know how to do but have not gotten themselves to step in yet. Sometimes it is hearing things again or hearing things anew that spikes the impulse to create the life that they want. I do know that when students work with me, their lives change because they tell me all the time.

What I often ask of people is to just take steps. Not huge steps. Just steps. Anything that has lasted in your life you took steps to get there. From a long lasting relationship that had a slow start to learning a language. Most people do not become fluent in one week. They learn words slowly and start being able to put them together. The more they know, the more they can build on those words to make more complex sentences and soon they will be fluent and it won't seem like all that much effort. (Thank you Rosetta Stone!) Changing your diet is like that. For quite a few people, when they diet and try to change what they eat too rapidly, they will only be able to sustain that amount of newness for a short amount of time. To transform eating habits, a good way to go can be to start adding in more whole foods and cutting portion sizes down by just a small amount. If you then cut it down a little more in a couple of weeks then pretty soon you might be eating only 1/2 as many calories only it won't seem like it at all. Just give yourself the gift of continually stepping in the directions that you want to go. Getting a coach can improve the odds of that happening for you enormously!

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