Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Colorize Your Plate

I'm reading a book that is so disappointing. It talks about getting all sorts of color in your diet to protect your DNA. Maybe it was the work that made anti-oxidants a household word? I don't know. It's one of the oddest food books I've ever read, because page after page it looks like it should be offering great information. Even distinct paragraphs on foods for example offer so little real information it's fluff. Because it is written by a distinguished doctor, I guess it's doctor fluff. Seems more of an idea that wasn't flushed out enough though. They had a little science and wanted a cool scheme to sell perhaps. He talks repeatedly about being careful of calories. Doesn't he know if he were REALLY touting a whole foods diet with beautiful colors, you wouldn't need to ever worry about calories or fat grams or counting, ever again. He offers that ancient man would have gotten a lot more colors than we get now. Sure, and I'm sure the people foraging for their food didn't compare waistlines except when they got too skinny.

He also doesn't seem to understand basic differences between fruits and vegetables either. Just because they have similar colors doesn't mean they do the same things in our systems, although this book seems to say all purple foods give you this and green foods give you that. Well, sorry, no way. Eat blueberries and the sweet succulent bites have sugar and water as major components. A carrot and a peach are just not the same in your system just because they both are orange. Fruit is quite different than vegetable. Fruits tend to make you more relaxed and in excess, tired and spaced out. Vegetables tend to strengthen us and give us more vitality.

Where oh where are the whole grains? He thinks that bread falls in that category. I wonder if he has a bread tree growing then at UCLA? Bread is a grain product and no matter how high a high fiber cereal is, it's still a refined, dry hard, difficult to digest as compared to whole grain, product. I wish someone with that many resources would study the effects of a real whole food diet and see why most of us that practice this type of eating have fewer ailments, are naturally slender and usually look about 10 years younger. I want to see the science on that!

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