Sunday, August 3, 2008

Candida free cooking and the ideal diet

It's early on a Sunday morning and I'm venturing out to the farmers market again today in search of a ripe avocado for my Candida Free Cooking Class this afternoon. 3 hours of laughs, learning and tastes. There were no ripe avocados yesterday and even though the translucent quinoa wraps would be just as tasty with a little dressing instead of a green slice or two of California's good fat fruit, I would rather have them then not...

I will also get to see what other fun things I might bring home for my own week of experimental cooking. I go through phases of doing what I know I like and then I flip into all experiments all the time for a few days. I'm still searching for what might be the ideal diet as well.

Currently reading more and more science to see if any of the extreme diets have the scientific backing they claim that they do. Unfortunately even the scientists seem to find conflicting evidence as it can be difficult to measure exactly what people eat. What they say they eat might be only partially of what they really eat. Then there are heredity factors, amounts of exercise and the least control of all is what the people are thinking about their life, their weight, foods, etc. The thought factor plays another enormous role as all of this is influenced by all different energies. How we hold our own energy daily makes a difference in how the foods land.

Luckily though, there are some common grounds and so far; the macrobiotic way of eating whole foods predominately, and finding balance seems the most supportive. Raw being a cooking style and meats being a small portion of the diet, I'm finding thriving to happen more frequently as long as it doesn't become a healing diet for a person who doesn't need a healing diet. Rigidity in any one of the systems out there seems to be a big pitfall. I notice people cling to their diet of choice like a religion that must be protected. Somehow I think as long as it's actually food and not man made reconstructed food stuff, it's most likely better than not. Each of our bodies will also need different things at different times so knowing how it all works should be basic stuff we learn in grade school. Only since the foodstuff business is big money, there is more weight on you not knowing how to feed yourself well and create balance, slenderness, vitality and aliveness. I can only wonder though that if we all got more well and happy what we might create then?

Well, first the lucky cooking class participants for today, I'm going in search of those avocados.
visit where I've posted a couple new recipes.

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