Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Who do you go to?

There seems to be some confusion over using food and herbs as medicine vs. going to a doctor and getting meds. There are so many wonderful natural healing tools. Tonight I am excited to be a part of a wellness event that Step Up Women's network is hosting at UCLA. I hope that the women attending will walk away with a few new ideas of things they can do right in their own kitchen to be ever beautiful and well at every age. We have a lot more control over our own health then we might realize. That doesn't negate the need for doctors and perhaps some pharmasuitical assistance now and again though too. I recently found a wonderful doctor who embraces both nutrition and holistic medicine as well as his M.D. training. He's my go to person now for when I can not fix myself with what I know. Who knows, he might be asking me some food questions too. I think the intermingling of all we have to create with can give us more than what we had before. I have found that people think food must not work for health then if it doesn't work for everything. Recently I caught a bug that I just couldn't shake. I tried everything and even my doctor prescribed more herbs than what I had been taking. Still, I couldn't get myself completely well so we opted for a pharmsuitical to get me well and move on. That doesn't mean we failed. Being well is the goal not suffering because of ideals. We tried the more natural route first and now I will continue my natural wellness but I sure am grateful to have options! I have learned a lot over the years and I continue to learn in all sorts of wonderful places how we can create more of what we really want. That's why I'm a go to person for a lot of people who want to know how to clear pms in a meal or which sea weed can stop a cut from bleeding instantly or how to create clear skin in as little as a week from what we eat. Who do you go to and what are you embracing? Let's all see if we can live one step better right now.

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