Monday, July 28, 2008

Free to Eat News

Once upon a time, I was not well. I had weight issues as well as health issues. My life was more than these things but they were dominant. So dominant that when I learned to become healthy and slender naturally using food as my cure all, everyone around me wanted to know the secret since I obviously was also enjoying a good deal of gourmet looking food that they saw me eating. It's been quite a ride. One of the biggest gifts for me has been the stabilization of my blood sugar from eating predominately whole foods. It's fantastic to watch cravings just vanish - poof! Just like that. When my pancreas got happy so did I. No more mood swings and the constant up and down that I didn't realize I had complete control over. Free to Eat is going to be an upcoming book of my whole journey. It hasn't been easy at times using food as a cure but the lessons have been astounding. One whole year I was clearing Candida from my system and didn't eat anything sweet. No bites of fruit even much less a cookie or anything with maple sprinkles, etc. I could have never thought up the way to do it or that I could do it. The year went by surprisingly fast though as I kept promising myself that if I just did what I was doing for another couple of months, then I would be free. Then I would re-commit to another few months when I still wasn't clear - that is until finally I did get clear and I am very happy to be free to eat sweets once again. Now though, they are just fun but not better than other foods in my mind. I keep exploring more and more ways to find more fun and freedom with our food, our bodies and minds................

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